Website Design

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While BeliefMedia provides a website service, it’s usually part of a much broader package that includes full media management (marketing) and consulting.

A website in and of itself is a pointless exercise if it can’t be found, or if it isn’t entirely functional. For that reason we work alongside you to ensure you maximise the return on your investment. Our job starts when your website is finished.

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The process of building your website usually starts with a consultation lasting about an hour. In that time we establish a shared visual vocabulary and determine what features and functionality your website requires. What follows is our 12-step program for website creation with development lasting anywhere between 2 and 5 days. For more advanced content systems that require unique features, we’ll provide an accurate estimated completion time.

Need something today? If you have an urgent need to have a website or landing page created we can normally provide a functioning product within a day. Landing pages can normally be manufactured in a couple of hours.

The cost can vary depending upon whether you’re happy to use an open source publishing tool (such as WordPress or Joomla) or whether you would prefer a proprietary solution… the latter increasing complexity and cost. Certainly, the type of features you would like your site to have – such as customer portals, live data, e-commerce (online shopping), or other custom features – will again increase the development time.

Whatever platform you choose to use, we provide on-site first-class training for you and your staff in basic content management systems, web development, and use social media. Should your organisation require it, we also provide website and social media manuals and policies.

Search Engine and Social Media Optimisation

In addition to simply establishing a website and social media presence, your online properties must to be indexed in such as way that it ranks favorably against your competition for industry keywords and phrases.

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Already Have a Website?

A large portion of our inquires come from those that have a website but aren’t generating a measurable return. We specialise in taking an existing website and providing a facelift, adding additional features, and generating some relevant social automation.

You can generally get plenty of DIY ideas from our blog or our semi-retired Internoetics website.

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