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The following pages are for reference purposes. Some may be included for internal use.

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  • PHP, MySQL, and WP Version Usage

    These statistics are sourced from the WordPress API. The shortcode (and WP plugin) to render your own charts can be found . [more]

  • HTTP Error Codes

    The follow HTTP status codes are generally sourced from Wikipedia. Clients can log in an download various types of error array data for their own use. 1xx Informational responses An informational response indicates that the request was received and understood. It is issued on a provisional basis while request processing continues. It alerts the client to wait for a final… [more]

  • WordPress Credits

    The following individuals contribute towards the development of WordPress. Also listed are third-party libraries. Supports the shortcode article . [more]

  • WordPress Australian Meetups

    The following list of WordPress meetups are sourced and kept up-to-date from an API on the WordPress website. BeliefMedia WordPress meets are not listed here. Australian Meets Sydney Meets [more]

  • WP Import Plugins

    The following list of plugins to import content from other CMS platforms is maintained by WordPress. [more]

  • Scheduled Articles

    This page is designed primarily to support (“Display Future Scheduled Posts in WordPress”), although it does give our readership an insight into what’s scheduled. [more]

  • WordPress Codex Functions

    The following list of WordPress functions is essentially used internally for free-text searches. If you’re after the code to generate this list yourself, see . [more]

  • PHP Functions

    The following list of PHP functions is essentially used internally for free-text searches. If you’re after this list yourself, see . [more]

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  • WordPress Downloads

    Download Current Version [ Download ] (V4.8), Localised en_AU Version [ Download ] (V4.8)


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  • Tools
    Various web design and text tools. Includes a JavaScript/CSS minifier [ Browse ]