Legacy Features

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The following references are to features or services that are no longer supported, depreciated, or have an expiry date. They generally shouldn’t be used.

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  • Australia Postcode XML API

    Not unlike the API that permits a user to extract USA zipcode details, this post will show you how to use the API to search details relating to Australian postal codes. Note: This API is depreciated. Instead, use our . The ePostcodes website was initially a placeholder for another site that we never got around to building. It’s now marked… [more]

  • USA Zipcode XML API

    When we were building a website for a US based organisation we encountered all sorts of issues with reliable access to a zipcode API. In the end, we figured it’d be easier if we built our own. is a very simple site that gives our readers access to a simple zipcode API with various functions. It’s easy to create a… [more]

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