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Ed O’Neill is a living Hollywood legend. He’s played the protagonist in Married with Children and Modern Family , and he’s got a string of big budget movies under his belt. It took Air New Zealand’s latest inflight safety video to facilitate his worst performance ever.

Accompanied by New Zealand born Melanie Lynskey (who played the psychopath neighbour to Charlie in Two and a Half Men), the two fumble unenthusiastically through a woefully embarrassing safety briefing script.

Animated cameos are made by President Barack Obama, Snoop Dogg, Australian PM Julia Gillard, the newly-elected French President Francois Hollande, Queen Elizabeth II and The Count of Monte Cristo. The range of cameos are intended to illustrate the global reach of the airline.

Unlike other videos by Air New Zealand, this one, despite the animation (it costs extra to have Ed and Melanie appear in person), takes place in an aircraft. That’s its only positive.

Despite the video being relatively poor, it’s enjoyed over 1,302,639.

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