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I was just making my way through an old terabyte hard drive trying to make sense of my madness when I came across this brilliant billboard advertising campaign.

Three Indian airlines – Jet Airways , Kingfisher Airlines and Go Airlines – all tired to outdo each other in their outdoor advertising campaigns.

■ ■ ■

It all started when Jet Airlines innocently put up this billboard title: “We’ve Changed”.

Billboard Ambush Advertising in India

Jet Airlines: We've Changed.

Kingfisher Airlines saw an opportunity and took credit for making them change.

Billboard Ambush Advertising in India

Kingfisher Airlines: We Made Them Change.

If that wasn’t enough, Go Airlines decided to cash in on the success of the first two billboards.

Billboard Ambush Advertising in India

Go Airlines: We've Not Changed. We're Still The Smartest Way To Fly.

There could be a message in this: don’t leave yourself open to “ambush advertising”. Not only did Go get the last word… but they belittled and outwitted the message of the other two airlines.

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