About Us

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BeliefMedia is a Sydney based boutique media agency specialising in all aspects of media management.

BM considers itself a full-service boutique agency that is more of a business partner that’ll guide you through virtually every aspect of your media management. Think of us as you personal IT department without the significant overheads and costs. In fact, we’re extremely cost effective. Because we manage online marketing (web and social media), offline media, voice-work, any TV or radio requirements, music, and video completely in-house, our overheads are significantly lower than those that have to outsource their talent.

Like it or not (and most people don’t), a successful business must now cater for numerous markets on numerous devices to maintain growth. The online revolution has seemingly added cost, complexity, and manpower to something served by nothing more than the Yellow Pages just a few years ago. However, the world of new media has also presented business the opportunity to share their services at a fraction of the cost that the same Yellow Pages advert might have cost them… but potentially yielding far more enquires and conversions.

How We Started

Both Martin Khoury and Adam Saddington came together when they worked at an airline catering to, among other operations, VIP travel. After a few years and hundreds of hours sharing the same cockpit, they both then migrated to a new International airline start-up operation in Sydney where they were employed nearly 12 months before the first aircraft took flight. They served in various roles in marketing and IT before being required to operate in the capacity for which they were employed (as pilots).

Both Marty and Adam have an accomplished media, management, and marketing background. Combined, the two have managed over 800 of their own websites, written hundreds of hours of music, made independent documentaries, and pioneered various web technologies. In 2009 they made the decision to share their expertise via BELIEFMEDIA PTY LIMITED.

Martin Khoury (Director)

Marty first ventured into unchartered web territory when he built a website for the flying school where he was a flight instructor. As the first flying school website in Australia, Marty soon discovered the reach the Internet provided, and he capitalised on the untapped market by way of hundreds of websites that followed.

Marty has over 10,000 hours of flight experience operating in training roles, management roles, and as an independent aviation expert. He’s operated aircraft in remote areas of Australia with the Flying Doctor Service, provided corporate charter in turbine aircraft, flown Internationally on the Boeing 777, and domestically on the Boeing 737. In addition, he served 7 years as a firefighter, a few years as a police officer, and he’s established himself as a leader in world of new media.

As a project manager, Marty has administered the development of online services that have served millions of users. He’s produced hundreds of videos, podcasts, and spoken in traditional media on the virtues and values of social engagement.

Adam Saddington (Director)

Adam’s beginnings were in the music industry. Identified as an emerging talent at a young age, he was quickly signed to a record label as a songwriter and performer. He’s since gone on to write hundreds of his own songs and instrumental music – much of it for our own documentaries and other productions.

Adam has also enjoyed a successful career in aviation. From beginnings in charter and VIP transport, Adam later graduated to International operations on the Boeing 777, and later domestic flying operating the Boeing 737.

While Adam essentially operates as our business development manager, he’s also heavily engaged in producing new media content.